Preparation of documentation for public procurement

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Preparation of documentation for public procurement

Public procurement

A simple procurement or a complete public procurement procedure, leave it to the experts to carry out the procedure with immediate work on projects and development of ideas.

The preparation and implementation of the public procurement procedure is the implementation of the procurement procedure after the selection of tenders, the preparation and writing of a proposal for a decision on the most favorable bidder and the preparation of procurement documentation. During the procedure and at the request of the bidder, explanations, additional information and preparation of answers are possible. In addition to the preparation of procurement documentation, a preliminary consultation procedure is also carried out. We collect the accompanying documentation and evaluate the offers and carry out the overall review. According to the agreement, it is possible to carry out the tender opening procedure at the location. Advice on the adequacy of the selection of the public procurement procedure and the implementation of the procedure through the Electronic Public Procurement Bulletin of the Republic of Croatia.

Preparation and implementation of the simple procurement procedure

Simple procurement is the procurement up to the threshold value of goods and services with an estimated value of less than HRK 200,000.00 and works with an estimated value of less than HRK 500,000.00.

We carry out simple procurement procedures with the creation of documentation on procurement and the evaluation of the offer with an overall review.

For the efficient procurement of services, works and goods, we prepare an act for simple procurement and a decision on cancellation or selection.

Public procurement contract papers


Consulting for the independent implementation of public procurement is a service for specific steps and activities within the procedures of the European Structural and Investment Funds and all simple and public procurement procedures.

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