Hamag bicro loans

hamag bicro loans

Hamag bicro loans

Hamag bicro loans they encourage small and medium enterprises as well as individuals with loans in terms of financial instruments. In order to eliminate the market deficiency, financial instruments help in the movements of funding sources.
Every entrepreneur has the opportunity to apply for Micro loan for working capital for rural development and ESIF Micro loan for working capital.
In addition to working capital, it is possible to apply for investment loans ESIF micro loan (currently suspended), ESIF small loan (currently suspended, ESIF micro loans for investments (up to EUR 25,000) are available at interest rates of 0.1%-0.5%;
ESIF Individual guarantees
ESIF Portfolio guarantees
Micro loan for agriculture and rural development for working capital with an interest rate of 0.5 %.
Micro and Small loan for agriculture and rural development for investments at interest rates 0.1%-0.25%
Individual guarantees for agriculture and rural development and
National program Plus, Micro loan for rural development, Small loan for rural development, Investment loan from NPOO.

Procedure of application and processing of requests

We guide you through the entire application process for application processing, which according to all active programs is conducted exclusively online from 1 January 2022.

Working capital – From EUR 1,000 to EUR 25,000

Investment loans - From EUR 1,000 to EUR 100,000

Business plan prescribed by HAMAG-BICRO

Financial documentation

Business strategy

National program of recovery and resistance to link through Hamag-bicro implements a lending plan for small and medium enterprises. As favorable lending, you can use financial instruments to finance a business idea and existing business.

Hamag states that the time frame for making a decision depends on the size and complexity of the project.

The time limit from the decision making and the invitation to sign the contract is 8 days.

The HROK report can be obtained through the bank or at the HROK office

Hamag does not charge fees for loan and credit processing.

You can, these are acceptable costs.

You can, except for passenger cars and vehicles used for road freight transport.

The purpose of professional training is acceptable as part of ESIF loans, if it will serve to expand activities and/or new employment. In this sense, it would be a loan for working capital.

You can, but Hamag has the ability to estimate.

Paying obligations to institutions is not an acceptable cost.

Yes, you must have a registered activity for which you are requesting support.

An entrepreneur who has been blocked for 30 consecutive days in the past 6 months is not an eligible applicant for EISF loans.

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