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Business Advisory

Business consulting is an excellent choice in case of entry into the business world and entrepreneurship, existing entrepreneurs who want to improve their business or maintain it can also benefit. We have a prepared business consulting framework that covers all preparation and implementation of the needs and goals of the plan for all requests.

The quality of business decisions is based on temporal business processes and financial indicators that are under the constant influence of economic development and activities. Prevent unpredictable situations and unplanned developments by having a framework of action.

Efficient operations and increased performance can be achieved through analysis and data collection. In relation to the activity, the business entity uses communication with customers and suppliers in its daily operations, manages accounting operations, plans the needs of hiring professional staff, invests in marketing and improves services and products. Within the consultation, the necessary strategy with a vision of development is worked out in detail along with practical steps to achieve goals through a business plan.

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTING - You can arrange Ikconsulting entrepreneur consulting in time frames that best suit your needs and obligations. We have the option of using video conference applications for online communication.

Business consultant for efficiency and performance based on results with the best activities and opportunities for business improvement. Effective management, long-term goals and strategy testing. Stability based on practical knowledge for certain industries and activities.

Business Advisory

How to build a business

Business consulting can contribute new insights and show which direction to go in order to achieve a positive trend. New business opportunities can be realized with the help of a business consultant, as this provides an assessment of the best steps within specialized knowledge. A consultant can help you during a period when negative trends are at work and can provide new insight with completely fresh ideas when introducing changes.

Business plan with filling in the entire cost sheet
In the case of opening or registering a Company or Trade, we can help you
Application of documentation and assistance for grants
We provide company or trade related information for all your questions
Profitability and feasibility in designing ideas
Informative conversation about financing possibilities
Loans, credits and financial instruments
Cash flow and cost optimization

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