Creation of Construction Books

Creation of construction books

What is the Construction Book?

Production of construction books can be in the form of construction book pdf or excel, construction book and construction diary are an integral part of the organization and preparation of construction, thus a comprehensive technical service. The executive part of the contractor as a project implementer can be completed with services for applications to public tenders using Ikconsulting services and price calculations.

Accompanying the rulebook, the construction book enables the management and creation of current events on a monthly basis so that the works can be billed to the client. The program for creating the construction book also includes the calculation of performed works, calculation plans and proofs of measures.

Rulebook on the conditions and method of keeping a construction diary

With calculation plans and a proof of measures, the construction book keeps track of the billing of the actually performed works. We use it as proof of the actual amount of work performed.

The construction ledger tracks finished cases or temporary monthly actions for billing services and completed works. The creation of the construction book implies the creation of cost estimates for the works performed.

The Construction Book Ordinance was created based on the rules of the activity, which introduced the contractor's obligation to keep construction books for all works.

The construction book contains norms as a framework of set and standard sizes of necessary time for the execution of certain construction works with the construction of the qualifications of workers who perform the works under normal conditions where, depending on the type of work, everything is expressed in a unit of measure.

The unit of measure as a construction standard also deals with the consumption of materials classified by types and quantities for construction works. On the basis of all the data, the time for the execution of the works is also determined.

Construction book

Service for Construction

Based on a quality analysis, it is important to secure funds in the production process for construction. In construction, we apply the term standards for different uses as average time standards and consumption standards, which are used to determine the very needs for the execution of works.

Creation of construction books in Zagreb and other places in the Republic of Croatia is also possible online. In addition to the fact that sketches are also entered in the construction book, billing and calculation is possible when all items of the bill of costs with correct data on quantities and all changes for the performed works are proven through the construction book.

At the end of the project, the contractor makes the final calculation and compiles a sheet of the construction ledger in the manner of binding all documents, where each item in the cost estimate forms one sheet of the construction ledger. The reliability of the data on the amount of work for a specific month with proof of invoice and signature for the construction book is drawn up by the contractor and the supervising engineer.

The documentation process of keeping the construction book requires that all changes be certified by all parties. The contractor has the duty to keep the calculation plan as a single document based on the implementation project in which it is clearly shown either through the construction book or the construction diary, at what time and for what reason the change was requested.
The creation of construction books is a concept of several actions, processes, procedures and documentation in construction and of great importance for the ways of working.

You can contact us via the contact form or by phone for an example of the building book and an explanation of the entire process.

You will surely be interested in the fact that with the correct use of construction standards in the calculation, you can both save and earn. The construction book has the greatest importance with construction norms. Simply put, every item in the bill of costs is calculated through the construction ledger. The appearance of the construction ledger is extremely important because it is the most important part in the payment of the performed works.

The construction diary, unlike the construction book, is kept only by the person in charge of the works or the person assigned by him from the day the contractor was introduced until the day he has to hand it over. The construction diary is kept as an original with a double sheet for copies. What is the contractor's obligation is precisely to keep a construction diary for the entire duration of the works.

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