Creating a business plan

business plan

Creating a business plan for business or incentives

We make the business plan during the entire business year by completing it several times in order to adapt to new situations, we describe the time to achieve the goals, the ways and tools to achieve the goals.

A business plan is a road map and an official written document that directs the business.

The description of the business plan contains strategies and financial projections with all essential information and the nature of the business.

A bank loan is most often a written business plan, but the document is also used for all other forms of financing, such as EU funds, incentives for self-employment, incentives for social security, etc.

Business consulting does a detailed analysis and assessment of the feasibility of a business idea for youIvana Kučko Škalec

Consultants write a business plan independently using the methodology of writing business documents

We use professional knowledge in creating a business plan with descriptions of the content and purpose of creating a business plan. The document contains a market analysis and marketing plan, financial budgets for services, goods, production and sales. The integral part refers to the calculation of investments in fixed assets and working capital, liabilities to funding sources and the compilation of financial statements of profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow.

If you want to manage the company's financial indicators, have insights and a better understanding, you want to acquire knowledge and skills in successfully planning a business idea, you are an existing entrepreneur or a beginner, contact us for a business consultation.

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