Application for EU funds

Application for eu funds

Application for EU funds for business projects

You can find out about financing options yourself or leave it to us to search for tenders in order to find a suitable tender for your project. We study and familiarize you with the tender documentation.

Applying for EU funds makes it possible to finance projects that contribute to the development goals of the European Union and the Republic of Croatia.

All tenders are related to operational programs for projects in the environment, infrastructure, transport, information and communication technologies, health, entrepreneurship, development and research, science, culture, employment, agriculture, education and others.

Your business idea must be in one area of the operating program

Find a competition that matches the goals of your business idea for financing with EU funds

Using the web portal, find the tender that is currently open and check whether it is in line with the goals of your entrepreneurial idea.

In the downloaded forms, we prepare a project proposal for the corresponding tender.

We describe the project and the goals to be achieved methodically concisely and clearly, using the initial pyramid of steps to achieve the final goal. Co-financing is approved for projects that have defined and elaborated importance and reasons as a clear presentation of the expected results, which solve practical problems in the execution of the project, the number of steps and detailed descriptions the project gains in importance.

A greater chance for the acceptance of the project proposal is found in a financial model that is as clear as possible and the specified project partners and target groups of the purpose. The financial construction of the project is one of the most important things in the tender with all types of investment and cost categories.

We wish you successful applications and implementation of projects!

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